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“There should be in every life, a place . . . where you can come and visit your past, and the past of your people, and know that whatever happened outside, here timelessness lived. All of us need a place like that — a place where we can have history close at hand, where we can see it, touch it, learn from it.”
— Ann Rivers Siddons, Novelist

Gravesite Guardians, LLC is a family owned and operated business, specializing in maintaining, beautifying and honoring the gravesite of your loved ones with dignity and respect. Our business was founded on the belief of cherishing the memories of our nearest and dearest, while honoring those who passed before us. This is important for the family and the generations to come. It is not always possible to properly upkeep your family’s gravesite, no matter how much we loved those who have passed.

Our story is not unlike many of yours. You may live too far; time commitment prevents you from giving the attention you desire to give; health issues may be keeping you from maintaining the sites to a high standard; or you may not know how to properly care for a monument or marker and fear that you will do more harm than good.

Gravesite Guardians would be honored to help you watch over your loved ones. Cemeteries do a good job of maintaining the grounds of their property. Our services go beyond the general maintenance and provide individual attention to the details around each site you ask us to maintain and preserve.

Contact Gravesite Guardians to be your cemetery advocate watching over your loved ones.

Mission Statement

Gravesite Guardians, LLC is dedicated to the preservation and care of family cemeteries and gravesites with dignity and respect in a professional manner. We promise to maintain each burial plot to ensure a long life without the need for any expensive future restoration services.